The Food Professionals

Amazing soul food with a twist of our own just for you! The inspiration for the food comes from one of the owners being blown away by a soul food restaurant whilst on one of his many travels. If anyone knows food its him so he ensured Kick N Munch Lounge only serves the highest quality of food consistently.

Our Story

Kick N Munch Lounge, the place that has it all, that was the vision of two friends when they decided to open the lounge.  Amazing food, good music, signature cocktails and the ultimate vibe.

Miami meets London. That's where the dream started a holiday to Miami topped with a trip to Dubai. Then the vision became reality when the doors opened on the 27th July 2019. Kick N Munch Lounge opened it's doors to compliment Deptford's up and coming vibrant surroundings.

The trendy shisha lounge is complimented with soul food that we have added a little twist to for your satisfaction! What a better way to compliment your meal than a night smoking shisha, which was inspired by a trip to Dubai.

One of the owners of Kick N Munch is a lover of America and got his inspiration from the bars and restaurants that he visits when on holiday. When we put all of the ideas and inspirations together, we were able to introduce the trendy Kick N Munch to Deptford High Street somewhere we were all born and bred. 

Kick N Munch welcomes everyone through the doors to come and enjoy our urban and thriving atmosphere. Come kick it with us!

Professional Chefs

Delightful Experience

Amazing Service

Our Team

Both owners of Kick N Munch Lounge were born and bred within Deptford. So where better to make their dreams reality?

All staff who work within Kick N Munch Lounge are all from the surrounding areas of Deptford. This was so the community feel would be present when in the lounge.

Contact Us

0208 694 1962

189 Deptford High Street 

London, SE8 3NT 

Opening Hours

Monday - Friday 

15:00 - 23:00

Saturday - Sunday

09:00 - 23:00

Monday - Sunday 

15:00 - 23:00

Monday - Sunday 

15:00 - 23:00

Monday                           3-11PM

Tuesday                           3-11PM

Wednesday                    3-11PM

Thursday                         3-11PM

Friday                               3-11PM

Saturday                         3-11PM

Sunday                            3-11PM